Sam & Quinn || Tennessee

Quinn stepped out of her dorm room, pulling one of her smaller suitcases behind her. I would be the first time she had left the city since she had arrived, but it wasn’t exactly the situation she had imagined going to Tennessee for, but Sam needed her and she wasn’t going to leave him to deal with it on his own. She had organised everything with her professors so that she wouldn’t have loads to catch up on when she came back, and owed a couple of people at the studio several favours for covering her shifts over the weekend.

Quinn locked the door and made her way out of the dorm building, making sure she had everything she needed as she did so. Passport, tickets, money…everything was there in her hand luggage. She crossed the space between the two buildings quickly, since it was a little cold, and made her way up the stairs towards Sam’s dorm, before knocking lightly on his door.

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    “Yeah, that’s right” Sam laughed slightly when Quinn mentioned that he’s in demand at The Universe. “On the other hand...
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    "I can’t wait to see you rehearse. I guess if I come to a rehearsal I’ll have a better chance of seeing you than if I...